Celebrate with us!

Celebrate your anniversary, name day, birthday or just have an extraordinary day out at the Vasarely Museum.

The program is 2.5 hours, including the birthday, name day or anniversary toast and exchanging gifts.

Illusion Delusion

For most of us, optical illusions make us think we see something that is not really there. In this program, we will look at a few illusions Vasarely used in his artworks and show you how easy it is to create them. Then, using the provided materials, everyone can make one or two works to take home.

Moving, yet Standing Still

Kinetic art is based on movement. In this program you will find out how Vasarely made art that seems to move without electricity, wind or wheels, but is actually static. You will see why the magic of it all is actually in you. Afterwards, using pre-cut shapes, everyone can make their own kinetic art to take home.

Puzzles and Games

Love brain teasers? Looking for a challenge? The museum’s got puzzles and games for all ages. In this program, the whole group will have the chance to solve a puzzle or two and find out which puzzle makers were inspired by Vasarely. Finally, everyone can make their own set of spinners to take home.

Printing Workshop

Many of the works in the museum are silkscreen prints. After taking a brief look at works in the gallery participants will spend the majority of the session in the studio learning the basics of block printing, have a chance to try it out and take all their prints home. This program is recommended for participants aged 14 and up.

Treasure Hunt

The Vasarely Museum is full of brain teasers and eye benders. What if they are not just optical illusions, but clues to find the hidden treasure? Which ones show the way? Maybe the rhombuses? Or the parallelograms? For an unforgettable experience, join us at the museum and together we will explore the exhibition and find the clues that lead to the treasure.

Limitless Fun

All of the above sessions have been designed for adults, teenagers and children. If you prefer something more traditional, choose and interactive tour. It lets you, your friends and family explore the collection with a guide who will give you the inside scoop on Vasarely’s life and work including optical illusions, kinetic art, the connection between forms and colours, and how these established Vasarely’s reputation. Choose from a variety of art projects for individuals or groups and create your own artwork to take home.

Ages: children 7-12 years old, teenagers and adults
Dates and Times: during opening hours
Length of Program: 2.5 hours
Price: 30 000 HUF/group in Hungarian, 40 000 HUF/group in a foreign language
Maximum number of guests: 15 

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