Kyiv Non Objective – SPACE AND BELONGING 

- 27 May 2022- 21 August 2022

Kyiv Non Objective – SPACE AND BELONGING 

Kyiv Non Objective (KNO) was founded by Ukrainian artists Elena Dombrovska, Badri Gubianuri, Serhiy Popov and Tibery Szilvasi, and was formally established as an NGO, and presented their first joint project in 2017. Their programs were implemented in collaboration with consulting artists Billy Gruner (AU), Suzan Shutan (USA), Richard van der Aa (FR) and TILMAN (DE/US/FR). The group promotes further dialogue between contemporary reductive and non-objectified art networks at international level.

The objectives and activities of the KNO aim to develop an international multidisciplinary platform to represent the artistic practices and concepts of the external arts in the field of contemporary non-objectified art in the field of visual arts, multimedia, music, philosophy and other categories, contributing to the development of current trends in non-objectified art, bringing dialogue to the artists, representatives of art critics and other creative industries.


Exhibiting artists: Olena Dombrovska, Badri Gubianuri, Serhiy Popov, Tiberiy Szilvashi, Myroslav Vayda.

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