Finissage – “Kunibert Fritz: Unity in Duality”

Friday (17 March) 5 pm at the Vasarely Museum Budapest. Start your weekend at the finissage of our chamber exhibition Kunibert Fritz: Unity in Duality, which will include a VR experience made especially for this show and a special musical performance. The exhibition is open to the public until 19 March.

The Käsmik feeling

Käsmik wants the world to experience what pure sound frequencies do to the body, mind, and soul. They study tone vibrations and encourage shifting from the negative vibrational frequencies that surround us and often cause control, illness, fear, and sleepiness.

Käsmik is working with evolutionary frequencies and wants to bring them back into people’s lives.They are building a portal using sound, light, plants, and geometries to lead open-minded spirits into dimensions through which Käsmik has traveled. Käsmik wants to expand the collective imagination and perspective on the worlds we all have the power to create.

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