Museum Visits for Kindergarteners

Duration: 60 min / 120 min

Maximum group size: 17 children

This program introduces children to the permanent collection of paintings, prints and objects in Vasarely Museum Budapest. The children will have an opportunity to discover, look at and talk about works of art related to the topic of the visit. Each session is unique, with the museum educator engaging the children in 3–4 activities. Hands-on materials, including pre-cut sets of shapes, allow children to explore concepts that Vasarely used in his pieces. Ninety-minute sessions provide time for children to create their own art related to the topic, which they may take home.

As sessions are structured for 5–6-year-old children*, we kindly ask that at least one kindergarten teacher take part in the session by sitting with the children and assisting as needed. Some topics may be adapted for mixed-aged groups. In these cases, we request that two kindergarten teachers take active part in the session.

We have found it helpful if children know the topic of the visit, which they will look at works of art and talk about what they see and make some art of their own to take home. We kindly ask you to inform the children about the visit before they arrive.

*For international schools, using an international curriculum. For English-speaking Hungarian groups, the recommended age is 6–7-year-olds, or “nagycsoportos” in Hungarian.

Book a session

Please provide the following information:

The kindergarten’s

  • address
  • telephone number
  • a good time to reach you by phone
  • the topic you would like


  • Colours and Shades
  • Fun with Shapes: 2D becomes 3D
  • Zebras and other From Zebras to Labyrinths – Lines in Motion

Please book the session at least two weeks in advance.

For more information:

Litza Juhász


Kindergarteners may enter the museum for free. Prices for session are listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-hour programs for kindergarten groups are 8,000 HUF in Hungarian or 16,000 HUF in English. Two-hour programs with an art activity are 11,000 HUF in Hungarian and 19,000 HUF in English.

For schools in Óbuda, sessions for kindergarten groups are free of charge.

Please contact our office at least two weeks before the session.

Registration is only valid with confirmation by e-mail. The confirmation will include all the recorded details of the group and the visit, including the fee. Only the prices and details shown on the website and confirmed by e-mail are valid, no reference to verbal information will be accepted.

During their visit, the group is subject to the general visitor rules, which are also available at the ticket desk in the lobby. Please ensure that all members of the group are familiar with the rules. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the group leader, organiser, chaperone (and any external guides with special permission) to ensure that the members of their group are aware of and comply with the Museum Rules.


Please contact our office at least two weeks before the session.

Please provide the following when registering for a session:

  • Kindergarten’s name and full address, including the zip code
  • Telephone number (the kindergarten’s and the accompanying teacher’s cell phone number, in case of emergency)
  • Which topic you prefer


  • Colours and Shades
  • Fun with Shapes – When 2D becomes 3D
  • From Zebras to Labyrinths – Lines in Motion

For more information please contact Litza Juhasz at: 

Telephone: 439-3315

For kindergarten / school groups arriving by rail from the Hungarian countryside, please fill in the information required for the discounted travel, requested by MÁV , on a separate online form. Free travel is available from Monday to Saturday. For return travel, the ticket must be validated with a stamp of the Museum of Fine Arts – Vasarely Museum at the time of the visit. The kindergarten / school must also enclose a copy of the letter of admission valid for the day in question with the form entitled “Application for group travel accounting” (Bejelentés csoportos utazás elszámolásához). Use this google form. After receiving information about your visit, a form will be filled out, stamped and returned.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the booked program. The guide will greet the group at the ticket desk.

We request that the participants of the program wait for the guide without hindering the other visitors in moving or purchasing tickets. Programs start at the agreed time and not before, regardless of whether the group has arrived earlier or not.

If you do need to cancel, please send an e-mail to no later than 4 pm on the weekday before the visit.

If the group is delayed, please inform the museum by calling +36 1 388 7551.

Please note that during your group’s visit, photos of you might be taken by our colleagues. Our intention is to take photos in which individuals CANNOT BE identified. These photos may be used on the Vasarely Museum Budapest website, our social media platforms, and in other digital and print publications. If you do not consent to name/tag your institution in such photos, please let us know in writing in advance.

If, despite our intention, a photo is taken in which any person can be identified, we will seek consent for use directly from that person.

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