Museum Visits for Kindergarteners

Duration: 60 min / 120 min

Maximum group size: 17 children

Service fee: SEE FAQ

This program introduces children to the permanent collection of paintings, prints and objects in Vasarely Museum Budapest. The children will have an opportunity to discover, look at and talk about works of art related to the topic of the visit. Each session is unique, with the museum educator engaging the children in 3–4 activities. Hands-on materials, including pre-cut sets of shapes, allow children to explore concepts that Vasarely used in his pieces. Ninety-minute sessions provide time for children to create their own art related to the topic, which they may take home.

As sessions are structured for 5–6-year-old children*, we kindly ask that at least one kindergarten teacher take part in the session by sitting with the children and assisting as needed. Some topics may be adapted for mixed-aged groups. In these cases, we request that two kindergarten teachers take active part in the session.

We have found it helpful if children know the topic of the visit, which they will look at works of art and talk about what they see and make some art of their own to take home. We kindly ask you to inform the children about the visit before they arrive.

*For international schools, using an international curriculum. For English-speaking Hungarian groups, the recommended age is 6–7-year-olds, or “nagycsoportos” in Hungarian.