- 10 March 2023 - 4 June 2023

– Selection from the Böhm Collection

The fine arts are universal, the flow between cultures is without boundaries. This characteristic allows dr. József Böhm, a neurologist collector, to think about Central Europeanism. The collection of Böhm, who was born in Romania and came from a German-Hungarian family and immigrated to Germany from Ceaușescu , is characterized by a diverse multiculturality. The unified pursuit of many cultures is represented in a focused way in concrete, constructive art. As Böhm puts it: “Art shows the deeper reality behind what is visible. I get engaged with constructive art a lot, and it’s exciting to discover the connections behind the structure of forms.”

Opening by

Prosek Zoltán, director of the Ferenczy Museum Center

10 March 2023, 6 pm

Exhibiting artists:

Bak Imre (H), BenedeK Barna (H), Andreas Brandt (D), Hellmut Bruch (A), Roman Cotosman (RO/USA), Nikola Dimitrov (D), Fajó János (H), Gerhard Frömel (A), Heinz Gappmayr (A), Andrzej Gieraga (PL), Ingo Glass (RO/D), Hans Jörg Glattfelder (CH), Eugen Gomringer (D), Haász István (H), Haász Katalin (H), Heijo Hangen (D), Viktor Hulík (SK), Hetey Katalin (H), Rudolf Hurni (CH), Kerekes Gyöngyi (RO), Imre Kocsis (D), Konok Tamás (H), Josef Linschinger (A), Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch (RO), Maurer Dóra (H), Mengyán András (H), Lothar Quinte (D), Otto Reitsperger (A), Christian Roeckenschuss (D), Reinhard Roy (D), Diet Sayler (RO/D), Helmut Schmidt-Rhen (D), Klaus J. Schoen (D), Peter Somm (CH), Mark Starel (PL), Franz Türtscher (A), Miloš UrbáseK (CZ), Zalavári József (H)


BenedeK Barna, Haász Katalin, Mengyán András

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